How to Repair a Leaking Toilet

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Have you noticed drops of water on the floor of your toilet when you’re there? Is your floor slippery around the base of your toilet? If you have noticed this then do not worry, your toilet probably may have a leak, but we are going to look at how to repair the leak in your toilet. Before calling your local plumber, let’s see if this is something you can fix yourself.

Picture of a toilet that is out of order

The small leaks that may be found in your toilet will surely develop slowly into a bigger problem if not corrected. Leaking at the base will usually occur because the toilet is cracked on the wax seal which the toilet sits on is old or was notset right. The cost of repairing this may also go higher especially when repairing a finished floor.

When a toilet has been leaking for a long time, there can be damage to the flooring and floor joist underneath. If there is this type of damage, it is the worst case scenario. The water can run underneath a wall or the vanity that will create a lot of extra work to repair. The water, as we all know, will produce mold mildew problems, in some cases severe and some not. It just depends on the length of time the water has been present. After the discovery of this issue we advise earlier measures to be taken because this may be expensive if the situation is not collected at the previous time.

Once you have realized that your toilet is leaking, you have to look at the exact area that needs to be repaired. Some of the common problem that is likely to have a problem in your toilet include:

  • Broken flange
  • A flange that is too slow
  • Rot around the toilet flange.
  • Simple wax failure

This is the major problem that your toilet may have developed. In fixing it, you need to first pull out your toilet. Pulling out is a simple exercise that does not require a professional.

A toilet flange that has been damaged can cause the floor to rot; it may loosen and the leak will worsen over time. You have to investigate what may be the cause of this leak on the flange, try to repair the problem and come up with a stapling surface that can support the flange. The best way of getting a solid floor that can support the flange is through buying a support bracket that will help you to transfer the rotted area. This bracket usually comes with screws that will help you to fix the problem easily. If this leaking has been there for a long period, you are supposed to replace the subfloor and also the frame.

The wax ring is where the toilet base sits on. Over a particular time, it can rot and cause leaks. Although many people prefer to call a professional to fix the repair, however, this can be done without necessarily calling them. Start by putting off all the water supply to the toilet and ensuring the tank and bowl is empty. The water supply tube should be disconnected from the top connection at the toilet tank. Unscrew the toilet from the floor and carefully set it aside.

With a putty knife, carefully scrape the remaining parts of the wax ring from the area. Clean the spot so that the new wax ring will be level. Place a new wax ring on the opening and replace the toilet. Bolt it back onto the floor.

Picture of a toilet water line.

A broken water supply line can cause water to spurt from the line connecting the toilet to the main water valve. The first step to repairing this leak is to put off the water supply valve. This will stop the flow of water to the toilet. Secondly, flush the toilet to remove the water from the bowl and put down the handle until it is empty. Unscrew the water supply line at the base of the tank first. Be sure to place a bowl and rags beneath the area to collect any drips of water. Using a wrench, unscrew the tube from the water supply valve. Screw the new flex hose on the toilet tank being careful not to over tighten. Slowly turn the water supply back on while checking for leaks as the water begins to flow.

What if after all the steps you’ve performed, you still have a leaky toilet? Don’t be discouraged as you’ve tried your best. Some leaky toilet problems are too complex for the average person no matter how handy they are with tools. In such a scenario, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber who is licensed and insured. They will gladly help you out the problem.

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